Our body treatments

from € 25

Body peeling: that cleansing feeling

The ideal preparation for subsequent treatment sessions, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh; Gently removes dead cells and enhances the skin's absorbency potential.

Treatment duration: 20 mins


€ 38

Body pack: that warm feeling

Relaxing comfortably in a warm cocoon of water, you will gradually experience a feeling of weightlessness, whilst the active ingredients have a chance to get down to work. The therapist will assist you in your choice of active ingredients, tailored to the individual needs and preferences of your skin. Choose from:

  • Re-energising: a refreshing wake-up call with tangy mandarine, bitter lemon and lime
  • Relaxing: take time out with the gentle perfume of lavender essence and mint
  • Balancing: let the warm woody scent of cashmere recharge your batteries.

Treatment duration: 30 mins

€ 29

Meadow flower pack: the power of nature

The natural energy of Montafon meadow flowers works hand in hand with the beneficial warmth of the water. The natural oils stimulate the circulation, aid rheumatic complaints and counteract water retention. Close your eyes and let nature take its course.

Treatment duration: 30 mins

€ 31

Mud pack: black gold

Do you suffer from tense back muscles, frequent headaches or neck pains?
Relax in a warm, inviting bed of water and let the beneficial stress-releasing power of the mud pack work its magic. The perfect way to prepare for your massage.

Treatment duration: 30 mins