Your hosts


Even during her childhood days, it was generally understood that Yvonne would take over the family hotel. She loves the work and is extremely proud of her achievements. Yvonne graduated from the prestigious "Villa Blanka" hotel training college in Innsbruck, and spent several years subsequently acquiring work experience in the tourist industry, both locally and abroad.

During her stay in Geneva she met her husband Milko, got married and had two sons, Silvio and Adriano. Fortunately for us and for the hotel, she missed her home so much that she returned to Austria to take over the family business.

On 1st January 2010 Yvonne, together with her husband Milko, took over the reins at Hotel Grandau. The two work together with dedication and commitment, infusing into the hotel their very special brand of charm which can be felt everywhere. Yvonne's main aim is to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of her guests, just as her parents did before her.

A home from home among friends, enhanced by gourmet cuisine and top-class service: a simple but infallible hotel philosophy. That's the reason why so many regular guests wax lyrical about Hotel Grandau, and return there year after year. Some ideas never go out of fashion!

Yvonne, hotel director of Sporthotel Grandau

Heart and soul, from morning to night

Milko, head chef

Head of cuisine, with Italian roots


Originally from Italy, top chef Milko learned his cooking skills in the Nova Hilton in Geneva, and subsequently worked in numerous other top-notch hotels and restaurants in the same city, a fact very much in evidence in his excellent cuisine. His original plans involved an international cooking career travelling the world, but Yvonne managed to persuade him that a better life - and a great personal challenge! - awaited them together in the fabulous Montafon valley.

Milko attaches great importance to the use of fresh local produce; the milk on the breakfast buffet, for example, comes directly from the farm, the herbs are grown in the hotel's own garden, and the meat is sourced from the local butcher. Milko and his team conjure up a diverse selection of regional and international specialities, a winning combination which is always appreciated and praised by the hotel guests. . 

During the off-season, when the hotel is closed, Milko is always on hand to help with the innumerable building projects being carried out in the Grandau; there's always something which needs repairing or renovating. As a passionate vintage car aficionado, Milko spends his leisure time taking his prize old-timers for a drive, or participating in vintage car rallies.


Despite being technically in retirement since Yvonne took over the running of the hotel Otto, the head of the family, is still out there beavering away. In the winter he personally drives the hotel shuttle bus to the ski lifts and, with his inimitable style and great sense of humour, has everyone in fits of laughter even before the day has really started.

Since his retirement he has also had more time to dedicate to his painting, a hobby of which he is particularly fond. A number of his creations may be seen in strategic positions throughout the hotel. Otto still leads an active sporting life, enjoying a game of tennis with friends or a round of golf with his wife, Ruth, in Partenen.

He also has an all-round musical talent. When he was still a teenager, doubtless inspired by his father's musical background, he and his brothers founded a rock band in the garage. Nowadays it's not unusual to see Otto in the hotel bar of an evening with his numerous musical instruments, creating a great atmosphere and an guaranteeing an unforgettable night for all concerned. A real character!

Otto is the head of the family

The Grandau's jolliest rock!

Ruth is the strong woman at Otto's side

Always there when she's needed


Ruth is the strong woman at Otto's side. Now, after so many years' hard work, she too is enjoying her retirement. Whilst participating in a painting course in the hotel she too discovered a hidden artistic talent, and now her creations also adorn the hotel walls.

She helps Yvonne in the hotel pretty much every day, and is always on hand when needed. She's always ready for a chat in the hotel bar, and also enjoys a round of golf with her husband, Otto.


Yvonne´s sister Isabelle is responsible for hotel marketing. She too grew up in the Grandau, and is completely dedicated to promoting the hotel and its interests.

She lives on the Ziegerberg in Tschagguns together with her husband and her small daughter Amelie. I wonder how long it will be before Amelie joins the hotel team too?!

Yvonne´s sister Isabelle

Creative support from Zigi mountain

Yvonne and Milko's sons

Creativity and activity

Silvio and Adriano

Silvio and Adriano are Yvonne und Milko's two sons. Both boys are happy to help out in the hotel, even though they have career plans elsewhere.

Silvio is stuying at the Fashion and Design Academy in Munich, and Adriano is in his final year at school, faced with the tough decision as to what career courses to take. He also likes playing football. It will be interesting to see whether one of the boys does end up in the family business, after all!

Adam and Maria

Adam the hotel dog, a very laid-back Labrador, just adores having his tummy tickled. In summer our cuddly resident cat Maria combs the surrounding meadows in search of mice. During the winter she spends most of time the asleep and being fussed over. Each afternoon, at the exact time scheduled for the snack buffet, she stirs herself and takes a stroll through the hotel lounge in the hope of scraps 

Adam and Maria

The animals never fail to entertain


The Grandau is a family-run business. Ruth and Otto bought Gasthof Grandau, in 1976, when it was a simple establishment with only seven rooms. The early days were extremely hard work, and the whole family had to pitch in and help. Nearly every year thereafter some part of the building was renovated, enlarged or improved.


The hotel builds the first squash court in Vorarlberg - a real hit.



The original Kuhstall (cowshed) bar opens after a lot of hands-on work. It is the first après ski bar in St. Gallenkirch and the first "Kuhstall" bar anywhere.



Hotel capacity is extended from 30 to 70 beds.



The Edelweiß annexe is built, containing six holiday apartments.



The squash court is replaced by a stainless steel indoor swimming pool.



The farmhouse is converted into a conference centre.



Conversion of the conference centre into a holiday cottage with four bedrooms.



The wellness complex is enlarged to accommodate a beauty salon, treatment rooms and a large relaxation room with mountain views. The dining room is extended and the conservatory added. The three Piz Buin suites and the Grandau suite are built.



The rooms on the first two floors are completely renovated and enlarged.



The Kuhstall bar is renovated and changes from an après ski bar to a fondue parlour. In autumn construction of the underground car park begins.



The underground car park is completed, the hotel entrance hall restructured and the kitchen and store-room areas extended.



The north-facing rooms are completed and furnished in a lively, zingy style.    Much attention is given to the use of top-quality materials.



On 1st January Otto and Ruth begin their much-deserved retirement, handing over the reins to Yvonne and Milko. Bit by bit the corridors are refurbished and receive fresh new lighting. In autumn the wellness complex is completely renovated and an additional salt sauna installed.



A putting green is set up in the garden; satellite TVs are installed in the apartments.



In spring the kitchen is completely renovated. As always, head chef Milko plays a hands-on role in the building work.



In autumn the dining room is extended in record time, and a south-facing sun terrace built onto it. In addition, two existing rooms are completely restructured and considerably enlarged. The Ländle suite and the Nova family rooms are built.



In autumn the bathrooms of the Piz Buin suites are renovated and two of the suites are fitted with solid wood parquet floors.



The wine cellar is enlarged to afford more room for an enjoyable tipple. In autumn the Kuhstall is connected up to the hotel bar. In this way a "Gourmet Stall" is produced, offering a selection of high-quality spirits such as whisky, gin and rum, plus a humidor with cigars.


New ideas are always in the pipeline.