Mountain biking at its best

Where mountains leave a lasting impression

Exploring the Silvretta Montafon mountains means adventure, excitement, fun, exercise, new impressions and breathtaking natural scenery. Spending a day (or a night) in the mountains is a simply unique experience.

Once the official walking, biking and climbing season has begun in June, the Silvretta Montafon offers a plethora of unforgettable experiences for children and adults alike.

500 km of footpaths

Summer days in the Silvretta Montafon are unparalleled. When the sun appears over the horizon, the natural world stirs into life and the crystal-clear air fills your lungs, your senses go into overdrive. It's a heady sensation that no-one should miss. Try a mountain breakfast, a walk or a night under the stars. The Silvretta Montafon offers a plethora of mountain experiences, with something to suit absolutely everyone. In addition there are 860 kilometres of bike routes and 500 kilometres of footpaths out there just waiting to be discovered.

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Walking in the Montafon, photo: Silvretta Montafon

A fabulous choice for families, walkers and climbers

Footpaths to cater for every taste

If you prefer doing your own thing, why not explore this fabulous area on foot, using the extensive and varied network of walking tracks? There's the panoramic route, for example, which can be accessed from the Versettla cable car. This starts from the Nova Stoba and takes you right up to the summit of the Versettla, with incredible views of the surrounding mountains.

Wormser mountain trail

The Wormser mountain trail is another guaranteed hit, and one of the loveliest panoramic paths in Vorarlberg. This 2-day tour starts at the Wormser hut, taking you past the Zamang peak, over the Rossberg saddle to the Heilbronner hut, and on to Gaschurn. But there's plenty more in store: the mountains of the Silvretta Montafon offer countless possibilities for every conceivable age and taste.


Mountain holidays for children

Shall we climb up the mountain, have a picnic and then walk back down again?

That's enough to put any child off walking for life. But a holiday in the Silvretta Montafon presses all the right buttons. These mountains hide a secret stash of treasures, surprises and puzzles, all just waiting for your young mountaineers to discover and solve them.

Adventure and excitement

Enjoy a building site walk to take a close look at how a new cable car is built; locate the magic rock crystal using a GPS tracking device; join a treasure hunt to solve the puzzle of the alpine troll, or learn how mountain cheese is made on the Alpe Nova. Holidays in the Silvretta Montafon are pure adventure: a place where your feet walk tirelessly, all by themselves.

Grag Hugo geocaching, photo: Silvretta Montafon

Exciting adventures for mountain enthusiasts of all ages

In search of treasure

What shall we do today?

The perfect natural playground

The fascinating mountains of the Silvretta Montafon offer young explorers the perfect natural playground. Thanks to Count Hugo, the benevolent alpine troll, every day of the holiday is filled with fun and new adventures.