Golm Forest Rope Park

Fun, adventure and activity guaranteed in the Great Outdoors.

This mountain "jungle" complex offers an interesting variety of 79 climbing exercises, ranging in heights from 1 - 16 metres. Visitors make their way from tree to tree by climbing the various obstacles in their path. With 11 different circuits catering for all grades of proficiency, Golm Forest Rope Park is the largest of its kind in Vorarlberg. The "Golmi", "Golmine" and Golmerjoch circuits have been designed especially for children (minimum height 1.10 m), offering a selection of easy exercises at low altitude.

In theory anyone can take part, and every visitor will find a circuit ideally suited to his or her personal ability. With a bit of grit and a positive attitude you will sail through the course! After an initial safety briefing and the successful completion of a practice course, visitors are allowed to use the obstacle course on their own.

Unlike other high rope courses, visitors can turn up at Gom Forest Rope Park without prior reservations, and make their way through the course individually. Only groups of 10 or more must be pre-booked, for organisational reasons. For groups of 20 or more, special opening times are possible allowing exclusive use of the facilities.

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Golm Forest Rope Park; Illwerke Tourismus photo archive

Climbing adventures in the Golm Forest Rope Park