AT THE VERY TOP – The history of Galtür and the world.

A changing museum in a changing village

The world is always changing, and the displays in Galtür Alpinarium are always changing too. But the basic concept behind the founding of this museum, unique in the whole of Europe, remains constant.
From the rooftop terrace visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic views over the surrounding mountains and "the wall", built to protect Galtür from the Sonnberg avalanche. In the year 1999 this terrible catastrophe provided a stark reminder of the dangers inherent in life in the mountains. Galtür talks about it, discusses it - and moves on.

In AT THE VERY TOP visitors receive a multi-sensory impression of human interaction throughout history. Learn about the people who left the village to discover a new life elsewhere in the world, and about others who came from afar to settle in this valley. Is Galtür the beginning, the middle, or the end? The answer lies in the eye of the beholder. Depending on your position at the time, the view you receive will be either outward or inward. This concept is also repeated on the façade.

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The new permanent exhibition at the Alpinarium in Galtür

The new permanent exhibition at the Alpinarium in Galtür