Rolls Royce Museum

Come and see the loveliest cars ever to have been built, and learn their fascinating story.

The Rolls-Royce museum was opened on the 28th May 1999, its most impressive world-renowned collection being housed in an old spinning mill, built in 1862.

Exhibits cover a total area of of 3000 sq. metres, spread over 3 storeys, telling you all you want to know about the history of Rolls Royce. Every Rolls-Royce is unique,and every individual car can look back over its own exciting story, almost every one involving at least one famous name from the world's most illustrious dynasties.

In addition to Phantom models from the 20s and 30s, you can see the Queen Mother's parade car, touring cars belonging to George V, King Edward VII Prince of Wales, as well as the cars of Lawrence of Arabia, the Aga Khan, John Lennon, the Dictator Franco, and many more besides. 

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Rolls Royce Museum; Rolls-Royce Museum Franz Vonier GmbH photo archive

The world's largest Rolls-Royce museum